Many people simply assume that their condo association will automatically cover and assume responsibility for claims to personal property and interior damage as the result of a claim. The truth is, every condo owner should take the time to understand the importance of reliable condominium insurance. Condos are a significant investment that need to be treated with the same respect and importance as any homeowner policy, and it’s vital to work with an agent who’s willing to take the time to understand your true needs.

Here at The Elmwood Agency, we’ve helped condo owners from all over New York streamline the process of helping to protect their investment while enjoying added satisfaction.

  • Affordable rates on NY townhome and condo owners’ insurance plans
  • Customize your policy to provide a level of coverage that matches your needs.
  • Highly experienced agents to make the process fast and stress-free
  • We can help determine what is and isn’t covered by your association

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Whether you are purchasing a new condo, or have been meaning to obtain a second opinion on your rates and coverage, The Elmwood Agency is here to help. We’re an independent insurance agency with a team of licensed agents on staff and ready to help you simplify the process of purchasing coverage for you, your condo, and your family.

You can reach The Elmwood Agency by phone during regular business hours by calling 585-548-4500  or 716-206-3706. You can also write to us anytime through our website’s secured contact page.

To learn more about our agency or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with The Elmwood Agency during regular business hours by phone at 585-548-4500. Or send us an email anytime using our website’s quick contact form.

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