Anthony Capadano

Anthony Capadano

New Account Specialist

Prior to Elmwood Agency, Anthony has gained a lot of experience working his way through multiple customer service careers in retail, hospitality, and later manufacturing. He is a proud graduate of MCC, and has always had a desire to learn, grow, and develop skills to take his career to the next level. These skills laid out the foundation to open a new opportunity in the insurance business.

As a New Account Specialist, Anthony has an open mind, and a strong desire to help our customers while learning and thriving within the company. He is passionate about music production, loves to see live comedy, and enjoys cooking and trying new cuisine.

To learn more about our agency or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with The Elmwood Agency during regular business hours by phone at 585-548-4500. Or send us an email anytime using our website’s quick contact form.

Licensed in New York, Florida and Texas

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